Quick Shots #29: Easy Jane

/ It has gotten a bit quiet around you over the last months. What have you guys been up to?
/ Charles, Easy Jane:
After the pandemic and confinement we had to face, the band members endured the harsh Beirut blast as well with some mild physical consequences. We had to find our own way through a collective trauma and crisis as we planned new songs for our new “post punk” oriented album. Since the members are neighbors, they managed to gather and create together ideas for the album. In brief, we transformed the general loss into a creative process and made our music go on despite the events occurring in our city. A new born sound is being developed for a different life.

/ When creating songs, do you have sort of a ‘ritual’ what do do first?
/ Charles, Easy Jane:
We can say that the creation of our songs is almost constant. We live our muses through our days and breathe it deep. Like a cycle. Talking about a specific routine, we can describe a ritual weekly meeting to share our thoughts and discoveries, channel them into rhythms and lyrics to be shared properly out of the studio and reach the listeners to reflect our heartbeats, an entire experience and existence.

/ What can be expected from Easy Jane in 2021?
/ Charles, Easy Jane:
Considering all events happening in 2020, Easy Jane band will eventually publish a different form of music album and words in 2021. Striking into more authentic techniques and sounds.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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