Wild Culture ft. FLAVIA – The Party

Icy cold. On the rocks, so to speak. Sunglasses-at-night cool. Loaded with groove. Packed with surprises. That’s the new release of Wild Culture in a nutshell. Teaming with singer FLAVIA for this one, the two producers created a tune that has an almost outworld-ish appearance while fusing retro, tech and style to a perfect mix of sound.

Listen to this. There’s ice cold sub bass synths. Sassy vocals that ride on the waves produced by the methodical, almost minimal yet ultra-smooth rhythm set. One-shots that are taken both from the retro and the future era. The metallic textures are blended with the sassy smoothness of the female vocals, and completed with vocal and percussive one-shots and processed claps from outer space. ‘The Party’ feels like an awesome mad circus at parts, while overall feeling like the national anthem of a country named ‘Groovia’. You gotta love that combination.

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