Ali George – Meagre Heights

The soft and warm appeal of this track taken off the album ‘Platys Yialos’ really hits the mark regarding emotional output. Although the story of the song tells differently, the tune is presented with a really high sense of detail and a ton of nuances letting the song feel like a soft blanket that keeps you warm.

If only the content was as warm and comforting as well. Coping with a sad and oppressive scenario lyrics-wise, the song somehow manages to tell its story surprisingly neutral, with a human warmth that has only slight vulnerable moments in it. As if George wanted to point out that these things happen, and to get angry in a song won’t change anything. Seriously, I cannot even talk about my neighbors parking habits without losing my cool, so I really am surprised about the calm, understanding and only slightly melancholic way the tune is done in. Long story short: ‘Meagre Heights’ might be not your everday radio tune, but it’s outstanding emotional storytelling.

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