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Auriane Ray – Dreamin’

A mysterious electro intro, playful and lightweight vocals alongside a groovy melodic setting – that was all I needed to get hooked on listening to the new single Dreamin’ of young Lauriane Reynier, better known as Auriane Ray.

The newest track of french singer/songwriter Ray takes you into the world of synth, groove and soft female vocals. Imagine entering a club late at night. This kind of feel is transmitted when being introduced to the soulful vocals of Ray. These are done with the right amount of passion and sassiness, you can almost hear her smile while singing sometimes. With the intelligent usage of additional harmonic vocal tracks, the track keeps its lightweight, playful motive while progressing. While everything falls in place regarding the overall mix, it’s the crisp high pitched percussion that sort of distracted me a bit while listening over closed headphones. But besides that minor issue, you just want to groove along right away, moving your head slightly while listening.

With almost all tracks, depending on my actual mood, I want to be able to feel what the artist/producer was trying to transmit, and that’s the case here. The music created here is not just a static linear thing, but it gives you the opportunity to feel something. Remember the late night club picture I drew for you? When the track closes, it really feels like you just left the club, being caught in the cold, dark reality of the outside world again. Somewhat lonely, and already missing the warm, caressing tunes of the song. Better yet, the warm feel of those addictive vocals of Auriane Ray. With her skill set, she is able to really catch your attention, and she brings a certain kind of vintage/electro hybrid signature style to the table. Her voice instantly got stuck to my head, and this, folks, is the secret ingredient to get far out there. Whatever you do as a independent artist, you can NOT sound like the next known artist of a major label. And here I think is something we can all agree on: Auriane Ray is one of a kind.

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