Quick Shots #20: Tribe Friday

/ What are your music projects at the moment? What’s planned for the rest of 2020?
/ Noah, Tribe Friday:
Oh man, there’s so much stuff going on I’m having a hard time remembering everything at once – which is weird considering the rest of the world seems to be frozen. Tribe-land is alive and well! This week we’re working on some new songs in the studio. We’ve actually been cooking this specific batch of tunes since late March, when lockdown started. And there’s like 2 or 3 more batches of tracks I’ve yet to start production on. So the rest of this year will be dedicated to studio work and finishing a bunch of material. Oh, and maybe a few performances of the more.. unusal, awesome kind. You’ll see.

/ Covid mess aside, what’s your favorite place to grab something to eat?
/ Noah, Tribe Friday:
That depends on mood and blood alcohol level, but there’s this little Indian place in our town I’d be happy to call my favorite. I try to go there as much as I can but most of the time I can’t really afford to eat out. The band and I blow all our cash on instruments and studio hours. So most of the time we cook ourselves. Isak makes a killer lentil stew! (lauhgs)

/ Name the most influental non-music person in your life.
/ Noah, Tribe Friday:
Harry Potter. But I guess we’re talking non-fictional people here, in which case I’d have to say my dad. He’s just a really kind, confident and thoughtful person. So many people grow up with bad male role models, so I’m glad I got lucky there.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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