våra – Christmas Slow Dance

It’s that season again, folks… time for some emotional christmas tunes. And nooo, I’m not talking about Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey or (god forbid) Wham! this time. This time it’s going to be WAY better, courtesy of indie singer/songwriter and multi-Instrumentalist våra.

I can really get lost in this tune. With a very minimal setting, the track knows how to release a ton of emotions that make me wanna grab my loved one and slowly dance the night away with her. Usually, I’m sort of grinch-sensitive when it comes to christmas and everything around it, but this tune creates a really special atmosphere that captures even me. With the single elements guitar and piano creating a warm and relatable scenario, it’s the vocals that put a spell on the listener. They contain a certain wisdom and warmth that was born to exist in the scenario created by the backing. ‘Christmas Slow Dance’ is more than just a track in my opinion, for a brief moment it allows you to see the world through the eyes of the gifted artist. This isn’t a product that is sold, this is an offer. An invitation to relax, to dance, to feel the overall vibe that is woven in the song.

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