Call Me Karizma – Fire Escape

This song was described as ‘the anti-party party song’. You know me, guys – it’s exactly these things I love about music. Statements like this do have their place in the scene out there. So, without further ado: here we go.

The track brings a certain beaten-down melancholy to the scene, but it does so with a driving base. There’s this smacking beat happening, and along those distorted guitars, the sound feels driven and restless. This backs the song’s intentions perfectly. Along the honest and no-strings-attached vocals, the song contains a certain truth and honesty that cannot be faked in my opinion.

What makes this tune stand out is definetly the atmosphere that’s created which shifts seamlessly between melancholy and positivity, it feels as if the sound offers its core without any judgment, in a signature ‘take it or leave it’ fashion.

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Florian Maier

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