Close-up: Nervous City Nervous Self – Before Summer

(written by David Josephson, Nervous City Nervous Self)

“Before summer is probably one of the oldest songs I’ve released with Nervous City Nervous Self. I must have written it more than fifteen years ago, but it somehow always stayed with me.

When the pandemic came, I instinctively started to look backward in my own life and actually found an old demo of the song on an old computer tucked away in storage. I then decided to bring it back to life.

After so many years it became easier for me to appreciate the song’s simplicity and the quite, I must say, compelling melody. I changed a few words, but other than that I wanted to keep that initial spark that was there during the creation of the song all those years ago. And it felt a bit like full circle when laying down new vocals, with the voice and the perspective I have today.

I describe ‘Before Summer’ as a song from our youth, when love was as bittersweet as a summer’s day.”

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