Quick Shots #19: CHELLA

/ How has the whole Covid situation affected your life as musician?
For me, Covid has actually allowed me to write more material, as being in lockdown there was not much else to do, however, I did suffer from the occasional writer’s block more than usual as I think I felt pressured to create something successful with the extra free time, but that vision was unrealistic, especially in the middle of a pandemic. I tended to feel guilty if I wasn’t creating all the time because I mentally felt that this was a perfect opportunity to just sit at my home studio and prolifically write music, but I think in the example of Covid, the world essentially stopped and I think that has shown that we all need to slow down and take a break and reflect, and embrace the concept of rest as part of the progress towards success as well.

/ If you have friends over, what’s for dinner?
We would definitely be having my homemade gnocchi with a tomato and meat sauce. Italian is always on the menu.

/ What are your music projects at the moment? What’s planned for the rest of 2020?
I recently released a cover version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” about two weeks ago, which was a project that took longer than anticipated, but I think when you are a covering a band that contributed to a mass change in the way of music that is to be expected. As of now, I am currently working on my first album, projected for 2021. My artistic vision for this album is to be more rock with elements of pop, which will separate it from my EP ‘Half Hell’, that I released back in December of 2019.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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