Jonathan Wyndham – Crash & Burn

The level of emotional output in this one hit me unexpected. Needless to say that the video attached to this track does have a great part for adding even more melancholy and sadness – but that’s not all there is by a long shot.

Most important thing is: I believe the story being told here. Everything. From start to finish. All those feelings are woven into this new release of Jonathan Wyndham, to me this isn’t just another heartbroken song but something that tells in detail about the experience made. About living through a situation like this. Whoever had to live through a break-up situation like this, knows exactly where the artist is coming from. This is painfully relatable, and that’s what makes it so awesome in the end.

The style in which the song has been done is outstanding as well. The different instruments used all do have a tragic component which makes them born to be in ‘Crash & Burn’ from the start. The melodic instrumental sections add tension, and they release an unexpected energy burst along the way, which once again does picture the feelings running through your head during such a situation perfectly. Raw emotions, followed by soft silence, carrying the desperation, the hopelessness and the slight hope of this not being the end. It simply doesn’t get more sophisticated than that when it comes to emotions being carried by music.

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