Cloudy June – Goodbye to Honeymoon

Accompanied by a very high level of melancholy, the new release of German singer/songwriter Cloudy June reaches out for the soul. With a very slow and calm approach, the track uses only the necessary amount of elements to get the maximum effect out of the sad atmosphere. The slow rhythm section contains a methodical groove that gives the tune tension without rushing anything, and the intelligent mixture of guitar and synth tracks create a warm and human vibe.

Those vocals really go under the skin though. There’s a lot of fragility, sadness and vulnerability attached to them. In a way, this is the way we all should communicate. At all times. Forget about screaming, shouting, calling names or even worse, silent treatments. There’s something to be said, and in the case of ‘Goodbye to Honeymoon’, it’s fading love in a relationship. Not an easy topic, but done in this calm, relatable and emotional fashion, it hits the sweet spot of any soul out there.

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