Honey & Eve – Stranger Soul

Dive into this deep atmosphere. The whole sound surrounding feels like another dimension. There’s deep and dark layered synthscape structures, metallic electro textures along stringy, soft-as-silk melodic patterns that form an alliance with piano chords and guitar tracks, just to get transformed seamlessly to pulsating energetic vibes in a matter of seconds. This isn’t just music, it also feels like a journey to another universe.

And those vocals are the icing on the cake, so to speak. They feel intense, like a sirens’ song that you cannot resist. Lush emotional phrases blend with the backing into a sea of sound. The secret weapon of ‘Stranger Soul’ are these layered vocals in my opinion. They change their form and texture, from defensive and vulnerable to energetic and almost screaming, with every nuance in between. This tune means high end on all levels, from emotion transmitting to sound design, from vibe to groove in a beautiful dark and exciting environment.

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Florian Maier

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