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Quick Shots #16: PuffHost

/ What does the rest of the year hold for you? Any projects coming up?
/ PuffHost:
The rest of this year, in our creative vibe, we’re working on writing and producing a World War 2 concept record that works to tell a tragic love story between the two main characters. It’s a hired gig, but we have full creative freedom to make the songs and story how we see it best. Really a great opportunity to do what we love best and pay bills! Consistently creating new videos & podcast episodes based around our debut album “sleeping through the end of the world” we just released.

/ Name your favourite movie(s) of all time.
/ PuffHost:
Favorite movies… ooh.. The Truman Show is a favorite of both of us! Myke is also big fan of Forest Gump & Moulin Rouge.  Beautiful stories filled with metaphor and life lessons!  Ethan goes crazy for Requiem for a Dream, and A Beautiful Mind. He’s a big dreamer and has a big beautiful mind!

/ What is your source of inspiration during these crazy times?
/ PuffHost:
Our source of inspiration for our album (latest release) is an inner narrative of our overloaded millennial minds living in a world of stimulation and technological tools of comparison.
We work to express our truest inner dialogue in hopes that people find safety within our truth, connect with our fear and are reminded that vulnerability is healthy!
It’s a narrative of self discovery, quarter life crisis and of course these chaotic and dark times we live in…

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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