Bonsai Mammal – Within or Without You

A perfect match for these cold autumn days.

Uh, check out this cold and crystalline icy atmosphere happening in this one. The vocals transmit a very emotional yet very ‘cool’ vibe that lets the track shine in a blue, calm spectrum. The defensive synths of the backing along a steady and almost pulsating rhythm serve as a great base for these vocals.

‘Within or Without You’ is attached to a signature melancholy that gives me chills while listening to the song. The secret ingredient of this tune is patience. The listener is not rushed into a scenario, you’re introduced to a cave filled with groove and sound, while you listen to that seductive voice that won’t let you go once you heard it. Along these warm melodies and exciting arpeggios, the tune keeps its tension all of the time, spreading mood and groove all over the place. The well-balanced mixture of sound, groove and emotion makes this track a perfect match for these cold autumn days.

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