MP Grey – Spare Me feat. Rudiger & Ivy Marie (Unplugged)

A beautiful dance of souls.

The new release of MP Grey brings an unusual softer side to the table. Until now, there was always more energy involved with the songs of german producer, composer and recording artist Martin Polle, better known as MP Grey. In fact, this gem does hide in the shadows of the original version of ‘Spare Me’ which has its appeal – but in my opinion it is with this unplugged version where the full emotional potential is unleashed.

I mean, listen to this. Crystalline piano melodies, this beautiful and fragile female vocals along Rudigers distinct yet defensive vocals as their perfect counterpart. This is a flawless sound to describe this special emotional relationship that can only be reached once in a lifetime. The two voices in this warm and safe environment feel at peace, almost like soulmates that are originating from the same place. The harmonized extra vocals add an interesting effect to the scenery, almost like a reminder of new things added to the old existing ones, new facettes that can be seen in the other, as the sound of the backing is slowly picking up energy and positivity. This isn’t just a duet, it’s a beautiful dance of souls in a breathtaking environment.

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