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Quick Shots #8: Arandel

/ How are you holding up with the whole Covid situation out there?
/ Arandel:
It’s pretty tough to be honest, it’s tricky to deal with all this ever-changing uncertainty. Everything was going so well with InBach, lots of interests, lots of gigs booked, and all of a sudden everything is just like frozen. We still have a lot of things to release in the wake of InBach, but this whole situation is just a mess. And no one seems to know where they stand when any foreseeable future is gone.

/ What instrument/hardware did you buy recently?
/ Arandel:
Well I don’t know if that counts, but Santa came early this year, and I got an amazing vintage upright piano in the chimney. Although I’m not allowed to even look at it until Christmas eve. It’s always been a dream of mine to have piano, and I never had one. I’m absolutely positive it will change the way I compose music. Otherwise I just bought the yellow acid edition of the Behringer TD-3 last month because I thought I could use some crispy bass sounds in my production, but I haven’t found the time to even plug it and see how it sounds.

/ What are your music projects at the moment? What’s planned for the rest of 2020?
/ Arandel:
Well we have a lot of things to announce in the weeks to come, related to InBach mostly. And a few gigs which haven’t ben canceled or postponed yet. I also made a few remixes that should be announced pretty soon. And there is also a reissue of my first album « In D » in the pipeline, originally planned for its 10 years anniversary in 2020, but it looks like COVID got in the way.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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