Carina T – Too Real

For everyone who feels exhausted today, anyone who just wants to relax and forget about the hectic and stressful world out there for a short amount of time… the pop-singer Carina T has just what you need with her newest track “Too Real”. This is her gift to you.

With an ultra-soft voice and an angelic background music setting, this track lets your mind rest for a couple of minutes. From the first seconds I fell in love with the warm and fragile setting the song reflects. Right after the stage is set, it’s like someone put a spotlight on the beautiful singer. There’s something in her voice that makes her irresistible.  She probably could sing the content of a telephone book to me, and I would sit, smile and stare in silence from “Adam” to “Zoran”. (Reading her bio, I learned she has a PhD in psychology. Hm…I wonder if she just knows how to manipulate the brain chemistry just with the usage of the right notes. That would explain why I have the song on repeat for half an hour now.)

One of the signature style elements of the young London-based singer/songwriter is that she can sing in a range from soft like a pillow to crisp and clear seamlessly. Needless to say, her vocal range is impressive as well, and so is the overall mix of this track and the video of the song – these were done with as much passion for the song as the singer put in it. The song is a perfect example of how composition and expression are connected – given the right amount of feel and passion, the rest will fall in place.
Although “Too Real” is backed with several instruments and synths, I’d love to hear her sing along to only a piano sometimes. I really think this would make “goosebumps” a new music genre right away. Well, who knows? While the new year progresses, Carina plans on releasing new songs, and I can’t wait what’ll be next. With the skillset she has it’s only a matter of time until she get’s recognized big time out there. You know how I see things – the world needs music for every occasion – and in my opinion, the world needs the music of Carina T to feel and dream.

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