JAY II – Worth It

Direction and pace, depth and glitter.

Uh, this one lowers the temperature, as if someone just opened all the windows. The dampened synths indicate a wide room while the vocals suggest the opposite. The duality is just one of the things I love about the newest release of Los Angeles based electropop duo JAY II.

Everything in ‘Worth It’ is carefully designed. There are defensive one-shots that fill the air with depth and glitter, while the melodic textures along the steady rhythm set give the track direction and pace. And there they are, the shining stars of this tune: the vocals. You gotta love the combination of female and male vocals, this is the audio definition of how to get the best outta both worlds. The female vocals feel warm and soft, with kind of a vulnerable vibe attached, but really at peace with the setting they are existing in. The male vocals feel a bit more distinct, yet they also contain this special (lets call it) resignating element. Both of the vocals add a dreamy, but not really melancholic signature flavor to the tune. With a well-rounded mix, the track brings everything to the table to find its way into many playlists out there. Long story short: this is worth it. By all means.

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