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Monica Lyrae – Sorrow

An awesome dance of passion and soul.

I need you to listen very closely to this one, guys. In the new release of Mexican singer/songwriter Monica Lyrae there is a huge amount of intensity to find – thing is that this track won’t throw it at your face. The backing builds an energetic atmosphere with intelligently placed one-shots and percussive elements along melodic tracks. But that’s almost just happening in the dark because of these awesome vocals that can also be found in there.

The voice of Lyrae feels vulnerable, hurt and almost shy. That is, of course, only when she wants it to do so. If needed, there is a ton of untamed energy hidden in her voice as well. I love that the way ‘Sorrow’ is sung leads to the impression that there’s something really fragile happening when in fact the whole track evolves in a distinct and dominant track, just to turn back to vulnerable by the next verse part. The whole song feels like a flower blooming at day, just to close the bloom at dusk, hiding its true potential from anyone who won’t take a closer look. There’s an awesome dance of passion and soul happening, but only those who truly listen will find it.

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