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Sara Hecht – Stay

Here to make a difference.

The new release of American singer/songwriter Sara Hecht brings an unusual amount of emotion to the table. In a very soft and fragile environment, the beautiful voice of Hecht is backed by handmade and warm tracks that fill the room with that certain feeling that this is a safe surrounding where you can let go. The track builds up tension over time, but in a fashion that allows the listener to get used to it, and – even more important – to embrace it. With the vocals guiding you through the tune, the track changes its form from fragile and vulnerable to positive, uplifting and even driving and passionate.

Overall, ‘Stay’ surprises with two main ingredients in there to find. First and foremost, it’s the beautiful voice of Hecht which puts a spell on you from the first notes on. Then there’s a huge amount of emotion woven into the track. You can feel this tune reaching out for your heart, not just your ears. This track was designed to be an experience and, if you will, a therapy at the same time. You can feel its honesty. This tune is here to make a difference, it won’t trick you.

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