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Mojave Grey – Lifeline

It's not too late for my soul to be saved.

One word: sensititvity. The new release of recording artist Zander Bleck, better known as Mojave Grey, feels like the definition of what like to call sensitive transmission of emotion. In a very soft and protected environment, the tune creates a wide atmosphere which never makes the listener feel lost nor alone, mostly because there are these warm and relatable vocals happening. With a defensive rhythm construct, the track feels alive but not driving, energetic but not pressing. The synths used in the backing bring warmth and depth into the mix, while there are some handmade elements along processed vocal one-shots happening that add excitement and a certain kind of signature mystery that cannot be found in other tracks.

Overall, this track feels like a very safe environment for me. Leaning back, relaxing, this track is pure honesty put into sound. ‘Lifeline’ probably is the most geniune love song I heard in a long time. Everything in this tune is designed to trigger emotions while at the same time comforting you with a relaxed groove and an awesome atmosphere.

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Florian Maier

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