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Quick Shots #2: Drops of Indigo

/ What are you guys up to at the moment? Gotten a bit quiet around you over the last months.
/ Drops of Indigo:
At this moment we have been putting together a full band and we are now in the process of learning to know each other in the band as well as play good together. We are rehearsing on both our older songs and some new songs to come. It has been a bit of challenge to find the right people to play with. You know there are a lot of good muscicians out there, but perhaps only a few that can and want to connect to the soul of your specific music, and it takes time to find them! But I feels like we finally did and we are so grateful that these human want to play with us! So we are in the phase of teamplay right now.

/ How are you holding up with the whole Covid situation out there?
/ Drops of Indigo:
We are glad that we are not living off our music and that we both have a good ecenomic situation. We both have our own businesses going very well, so we can only be happy for that. Otherwise we have tried to isolate us as much as we can, our 5 year old has been home a lot this summer and that feels good, the time we get together is the most important in the end after all! But the situation is a bit scary even if it´s not a suprise for me as a biologist (David). We can never be healthier than the world we walk on and if we don’t respect our nature enviroment, it will turn back on us at some point. So in our family we are trying to do what we can for mother earth when it comes to consumption, animal abuse and so on.

/ What does the rest of the year hold for you guys?
/ Drops of Indigo:
For the rest of the year we are going to be a tight full band to begin with (laughs). And later in the winter we are going into the studio again with the whole band to record at least two new songs. One of them is going to be a part of a radio competition here in Sweden, so it’s really exciting! We are also planning to build a small house on our garden to have as a rehearsal studio. And when the whole corona situation has settled a bit, we are going to play live with a full band which will be so much fun! Then we are planning to start on our first album which will contain the songs we already have, with some adjustments, plus about eight new tracks.

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‘Quick Shots’ is a series of random questions answered by reviewed artists.

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