Turning Virtue – Postulate

What it’s about in music.

This tune really takes me back to when I was playing the drums during hours of sessions. (man, I miss these times.) What makes this tune special to me is that it really captures the chemistry of not only the single band members, but also the general setting it creates and nourishes. Starting with a few single elements, the sound evolves into a full-blown environment with a laid back and somewhat mysterious vibe. The reverbed guitars create cavern-ish depths. The drums guide the melodies, giving them structure and direction. The vocals transform the sceneries from soft and vulnerable to energetic and defiant.

While the song progresses, it feels like everything in the tune slowly awakens until the energy is taking on form and function, culminating into this awesome guitar solo taking place during the end. Tracks like ‘Postulate’ do not only transmit music, they tell their own story in their own signature styled way. This, guys, is when you actually can hear bits and pieces of the artists’ heart and soul woven into the sound.

You think this sounds a bit trippy? Of course it does, that’s kind of the point here. A sound like this has to be developed, this can’t be just played off a note sheet over four to six takes. The special vibe the tune transmits, this core feel, is ultimately what it’s about in music.

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