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Livingston – Through The Peephole

Made for the big screen.

The new release of british pop rockers Livingston feels larger than life. For me, the track contains a real superhuman feel. The piano-based backing creates this slow-motion huge entrance in my head. Lights out, spot on. Curtains up. Go.

The most appealing thing in ‘Through the Peephole’ for me is the chemistry between the single elements. The base beat with this crisp and edgy drumset creates an irresistible groove that makes you smile and nod your head instantly. The vocals feels somewhat threatening and defensive at the same time, building an awesome signature momentum for the tune. The sound feels relatable and strangely familiar this way. The extra stabs happening in the chorus, from harmonized vocals to classical wind instrumentals, add some wild and exciting tension. The track feels like there’s a full-blown history attached to it. Every element tells its own story, blending together to a well-rounded sea of groove.

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Florian Maier

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