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The Foxies – Anti Socialite

Too cool for any living creature on the planet.

I love the sassy against-all-odds lightweight fun approach happening in the new release of The Foxies. The somewhat retro-flavored synth backing sprinkles some glitter all over the place, while the slightly processed vocals feel futuristic enough to slingshot the track into the present. With the relaxed and confident almost minimal beat, the track feels like it was labeled ‘too cool for any living creature on the planet’.

The single elements in ‘Anti Socialite’ seem to be minimal when they’re really not. The whole production is done very high-end, feeling retro-ish yet strangely futuristic, warm yet somewhat cold-metallic, jumpy yet laid back and cool. Someone knew exactly what faders to push where. And then of course, there are these sassy and oddly sexy vocals, adding youth and energy to this awesome retrolectro cocktail. All in all, this track has enough signature elements for three tracks in it. It makes you dance, it makes you sing along… and it makes you put it on repeat.

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Florian Maier

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