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Fab The Duo – Our Love Is Resistance

How to make Love a statement.

Taken off the recently released EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’, the energetic gay pop duo unleashed a powerful message with this tune. The track itself takes its time, and it’s done very sensitive at the right ends to not just throw the content out there at the listener. Fab The Duo prove without a doubt that when transmitting a message, it’s not necessary to scream it out loud to make everybody understand.

Backed by a slow and methodical melodic atmosphere, the singers span a vast palette of moods. You can almost feel that they are tired of repeating the same message but will never ever stop doing so until they get heard. They are emotional about it, and they have every right to be since the message is close and important to them. There is confidence in there to find, but also garnered with a bit of resignation as well on some ends. In my opinion the listener is enabled to feel the day-by-day struggle the whole topic brings on. Everything in this emotional anthem, from melodic backing to the expressive vocal performance, hits the target.

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