Herald K – Her Honey

Here’s the story.

Taken off the 2019 released album ‘Strange Delights’, this tune is done quite minimalistic yet with a really appealing hone(y)sty.

As with several of the tracks of Norwegian singer/songwriter Herald K, in this tune it’s all about the message. You won’t find any unnecessary filler tracks in there. To build the atmosphere, there’s just the guitar in there to find, and that Harmonica to stack some additional vintage glow. And there’s not really more needed for the stage to be set for the vocals. These might not be ultra-well-polished, but that’s kind of the point here. What appeals to me most in ‘Her Honey’ is this honesty, this raw and edgy feel that seems believable and groovy like a story told right off the streets. You just don’t need the track to be stacked with backing tracks to a point where this handmade feel gets lost.

Every element in the track, from the guitar tracks done by Katie Kern with that lush and almost sassy undertone, to the vintage western-ish Harmonica played by Othmar Loschy to the meaningful storytelling vocals by Herald K, everything proves that you just need that groove engraved in the musicians’ DNA, and everthing else just falls in place no matter in what setting you play.

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