JAY II – Vice

Goosebump time, folks.

This track creates a really awesome atmosphere. Can you feel it? The temperature dropped several degrees. The room got dark. The place feels lonely and forgotten. Welcome to the world of Jay II.

There’a a lot of atmospheric groove happening in the new release of the Los Angeles based electropop duo. The beat and percussive elements are leaning towards trap, but this track is WAY more than trap. It’s what happens if you take a part trap then add excitement, sexy vocals, tension, a tiny amount of oriental elements, plus a huge amount of dark and lost mood. And a ton of ice cold vibe. Shaken, not stirred. I love this cocktail.

The several elements used in the tune really paint pictures in your head, you can feel the sound creeping in the shadows, the base emotions are transmitted through the melodic progression and these intelligent added extras. Everything, from harmonized vocals to heavily processed one-shots is carefully designed to be where it needs to be. Long story short: everything in ‘Vice’ feels forbidden fruit-ish, it feels wrong but so right at the same time. You gotta love this duality.

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Florian Maier

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