MP Grey feat. Rudiger – Little Signs

Groove and feel. It’s everything you want in a track.

There’s a certain bittersweet memory attached to the new release of MP Grey. This track triggers a feeling in me, as if I’ve lived through a scenario like this before. It feels like a forgotten memory that was brought back through ‘Little Signs’.

I guess it’s that certain kind of retro-ish charme that can be found in several of MP Greys releases. There are guitar licks along a groovy rhythm, added with several backing tracks with an almost disco-ish approach. You’ll find a very high level of what I like to call ‘audio aesthetics’ in this track. A lot of work and thought regarding details was put into the arrangement, and this shows in a well-rounded mix and a great usage of the eq band spectrum.

This, of course, is just the technical approach. The emotional soulful vocals of American vocalist Rudiger do their part to inject soul and passion into ‘Little Signs’, they feel at home in the backing environment. And boy, those harmonies to their part to make the listener feel the tune. The sound always feels meaningful, being attached to a certain kind of melancholy that triggers a certain amount of “I can relate” in me.

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Florian Maier

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