High Grass – Around Me

Exciting, fast-paced, energetic and very expressive.

Somehow, this track feels like driving home late at night for me. Since the tune is about finding a way out of a toxic relationship, this picture popping up in my head isn’t that wrong after all. There’s a certain core melancholy present in the melodies that instantly connects with me. The guitar and the drum tracks do have an almost vintage flavor attached to them, building an energy-rich and driven atmosphere that serves at a great base for these addictive vocals.

Oh, these beautiful vocals. The voice of Kristina Miranda feels both confident and vulnerable, sassy and fragile at the same time. The emotional output of her voice is a thing of beauty. Along the distorted guitars, the vocals bring some human warmth to the table, letting the tune shine with a well-balanced retro-styled glow. (I’m not really sure if this ‘retro element’ is just present for me specifically, it might be triggered through the rhythm pattern that takes me back around two decades.) Overall, ‘Around Me’ builds an exciting, fast-paced but very emotional scenery to let your mind wander to, and to show you the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

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Florian Maier

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