The Pocket Band – Just For You

There’s a ton of soul coming your way.

This tune of The Pocket Band creates a feelgood atmosphere within the first seconds of the track. Some positive vibes that are desperately needed during these times. Not to forget the ultimate amount of groove transmitted. The laid back rhythm along the warm bass, the rhythm guitars and th backing chord e-piano made me move along to the melody right away. (Seriously, if ‘chair grooving’ was something to get paid for, I’d be filthy rich by now.)

The soulful vocals do their part to make this track a gem. Those are done with lots of emotion and passion while at the same time feeling very down-to-earth and almost shy sometimes, as if they didn’t want to take all the spotlight for themselves. It’s awesome when the single instruments and vocal tracks are a perfect addition to the full song instead of single tracks standing out in the mix and fighting over dominance. With ‘Just For You’, every track is placed very carefully in the mix, and everything is mixed well-rounded from drums to wah-wah processed guitar. But the single most attractive part of the tune is the soul it contains. I feel the sound. I believe it. The guys of The Pocket Band are giving away small bits of their heart and soul with their music, and it absolutely shows.

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Florian Maier

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