Golan – Anima

The latest release of Golan feels a bit like the logical evolution of retro pop.

‘Anima’ feels mysterious and very adventurous in its unique approach. There’s a synthscape built with warm and reverbed melodies which slowly are evolving around a steady and calm methodical beat. The vocals are done soft yet intense, feeling borderline hypnotic while also caressing the soul of the listener with a special ‘you’ll be fine’ undertone.

I like the slow and mysterious approach which is connected to an uplifiting beat and these playful arpeggiated backing melodies. The (lets call it) ‘underwater feel’ created through these processed synths give the tune depth and meaning, letting the sound feel like a deep space journey. The vocals in all their implementations add some extraordinary glow to the track, plus with them it suddenly feels like a journey through your own mind. You gotta love this floating peaceful state the track is in. You know the drill, folks. Closed headphones, eyes closed.

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Florian Maier

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