MP Grey feat. Rudiger – Lonely Nights

Backed by a fresh and lightweight rhythm section, the new release of german producer MP Grey has a unique and (for me) a very vintage flavored appeal.

Teaming once again with american vocalist Rudiger and several other artists for the instruments and mix/mastering, Grey created a synth pop track that merges a lot of different elements into this emotional floating piece of music. There’s a certain amount of feeling and passion involved to not make the tune heavy-hearted or too melancholic but with a special ‘I’ve seen so much by now’ feel. I love when tracks are able to not trigger base emotions like love or hate, but in-between emotions, like ‘been there, done that’ or the good old ‘what do you want from me’. (What? These aren’t emotions? Of course they are!)

I said it before, the vocals of Rudiger are really hard to contain with music sometimes. Don’t let the warm and soft final mix fool you, in this track a lot of faders had to be moved to make this tune the well-rounded thing of beauty it is. With all these instrument tracks along several vocal tracks and backings, it is definetly not enough to quickly push some buttons to make this track work. This was a lot of work, and it absolutely shows.

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Florian Maier

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