Wes Chiller – Drift Away

It’s tracks like ‘Drift Away’ that really help relaxing while dealing with your life.

This track has a really laid back and warm appeal. I love that I can ‘get lost’ in the sound to a certain degree. The warm bass line and those floating vocals transmit a special lifestyle for me. Taking its time regarding tempo, the track feels like the end of a perfect day, sitting outside with a cold beer while watching the sun set. The guitar tracks along that warm innovative bass line are a perfect chilled base for the sound to really build a complete atmosphere.

For me, the tune feels like being okay with change. The ‘drifting away component’ in the latest release of Chiller feels like something you cannot really control anyway, so the main theme for me reflects the situation of just going with the flow without worrying too much about the ‘when’ and ‘if’. Just relax, be at peace with yourself. Follow the warm vibe, groove along to the slow melody, and if you feel it, sing along. After a long hard day, this track is my effective and free therapy. It’ll work for you as well. Believe me.

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Florian Maier

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