Tribe Friday – Talk So Loud

Right before the weekend is coming up, this energetic sweet new release is here. Time to dance and smile, folks.

Swedish indie 4-piece Tribe Friday loaded a huge amount of energetic uplifting vibe in this track. With an innovative combination of guitar, bass, drums and vocals, ‘Talk So Loud’ lifts off from the first seconds on. The vocals are feeling emotional yet lightweight and somewhat carefree, while the driving guitars seem to ride on the wave the drums are creating.

I love the good mood the track triggers in me. Due to its nature, the tune just spreads action, fun and positive vibes out there. You’ll find yourself dancing through the apartment, driving windows down with your car, or even singing along in the office without being able to resist the energy of the track. Since I am a terrible dancer, and the only thing more awful than my dancing is my singing, I’ll go with cranking up the volume while grooving at my desk with a smile on my face.

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Florian Maier

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