Jake Huffman – Endless Repeating

Taken off the EP ‘The Layover’, this track creates a special environment for me.

What starts with a certain ‘morning’ vibe that feels like drinking the first morning coffee while reflecting what happened last night/week/year, changes its pace with a special electro vibe. The soft and laid back male vocals feel natural and somehow familiar like the voice that’s present in everyones head. The calm backing music contains sort of a ‘handmade’ vibe along a warm synth and a defensive beat and percussion combo.

And then there’s this unexpected opening happening. Backed by warm saturated bass tracks, the reverbed vocals feel like there’s another chapter happening all of a sudden. This change of pace is an absolute thing of beauty, not only because it’s injecting a slow groove but also because it’s mixed that damn good. Although the main theme is changed almost completely, there’s nothing wrong about the mix. No glitches, no volume change, no position change regarding the single tracks – everything just falls in place with the production.

Overall, this music triggers feelings in me as a listener. Maybe its because the year is coming to an end and I’m getting a bit melancholic, but for me “Endless Repeating” contains that special amount of “old and new” that is perfect for the change of the years. With the several elements, the music shows the best of both worlds and also reminds us that nothing’s edged in stone forever but is changing constantly.

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Florian Maier

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