Your Own Medicine – Better Together

With an uplifting spirit, the new release of Your Own Medicine rocks the message of love into the modern age.

Backed by a classic band set and some additional synth and soundscape tracks, the stage is prepared for the clean and energetic vocals to shine.
The whole production of the song is very well executed. The mix is balanced really great with no glitches or edges whatsoever, the track feels alive with the right amount of ‘fat’ (yes, just like a good steak) and saturation, and the music transmits energy and passion.

Being a love song, the tune manages to pack in that fresh-in-love-feel along the driving guitars, the honest vocals and the lightweight vocal backings (THIS, folks, is how to put ‘oooohs’ and ‘heys’ in a song the right way). “Better Together” is a modern alternative rock ode to love. The song is catchy, the lyrics and melody will stick to your head immediately, and the fun vibe of the song will make you groove even without your loved one in the room.

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Florian Maier

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