Threering – Every Time I Die

Taken off the 2019 released album “My Last Words”, this track has some aces up its sleeve.

What starts melodic and almost melancholic with strings, a guitar and passionate male and female vocals, steps on the pedal in no time to deliver a track filled with energy and passion. Coming along an ultra-balanced mix, everything in “Every Time I Die” falls in place. The drums are uplifting and innovative, the guitars are pressurized and processed mighty saturated on the right ends while melodic and defensive on other ends, the additional tracks like piano and strings are believable and placed spot-on to support the dark and mystique atmosphere of the track. It’s very clear to me that the production of this song came with a huge amount of work. (I almost see the well-oiled production of this tune as sort of a downside, since you somehow expect the amount of energy to result in some glitches and raw cuts on either the instruments or the vocals.) THIS is how to produce a song the right way, folks.

“Every Time I Die” is a good showcase to let you know what the guys of Threering are all about. It’s about melodic rock/metal with that special signature emotional ingredient that makes the sound stand out. Most of the tracks of the aforementioned album “My Last Words” take their time, we’re not here for some speed metal, high-octane race to the message. The music of Threering is different, it’s thoughtful and created with a high sense of detail.

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Florian Maier

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