Focus Your Audio – Mastermind

Get ready to break out of this destructive relationship. For this release, the guys of Focus Your Audio decided to step on the pedal a bit.

With a quite energetic and driving guitar backing, the vocals transmit that certain uplifting vibe that, in my case, urge you to get up and get shit done. The somewhat raw, edgy energy merged in the song feels like waiting to break free during the whole song, and the female vocals blend into that scenery perfectly. With several added elements and breaks, “Mastermind” keeps you in the dark most of the time where it wants to lead you. With several effects added to the guitar, there’s also a mysterious, unknown element added to the tune.

With the song being about getting away from a controlling and possessive relationship, it really does magic in painting the picture in your head with music. Even without the lyrics, the song feels exactly like these relationships…you’re trapped between the its-not-so-bad calm feeling and the that’s-enough-I’m-outta-here distinctive/confident state of mind. Plus theres the uncertainity of what will happen next. So, in my opinion “Mastermind” perfectly portraits the topic.

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Florian Maier

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