Dante Mazzetti – Cold Rain

In this song, it’s all about the atmosphere. Get ready to get abducted to a dark, cold and melancholic place.

This track can almost be felt more than heard. The dark, warm vocals of Mazzetti feel like they’ve been there, done that, as if the singer has seen it all, and now he wants to share his wisdom with you. The backing instruments are basic but somewhat jazz-styled, and they take their time to build the music base for thise vocals. Going slow, and with several effects added in there, for me the created scenery feels like walking alone through the streets of a broken city at night. “Cold Rain” is produced masterfully regarding atmospheric impact. The concept of delivering the message almost painfully slow opens the opportunity for all those single elements to shine, be it the wind instruments, the marimba-ish instruments or the synth one-shots, everything needs to be in there to draw that picture.

This track taken off the EP “Hotel, Vol. 2” is a great emotional track to let your mind wander as you listen. It’s perfect for those deep thinkers to get lost in the scenery. The concept and used elements of the song prove that less is more, that a story can be told with just the right amount of elements. I love when music has such an impact to your mind. While other one-hit starlets will be forgotten right after you heard them, Mazzetti will be remembered wandering down these cold dark roads for a long time.

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Florian Maier

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