Sandra Bouza – Almost Love

The sound of Bouza is handmade, honest and down to earth. This is music for every occasion – as long as it’s not just played as background noise. It’s made to dance, to groove, or to close your eyes while slowly swinging to the sound on your comfortable couch – long story short: this is music to feel.

There’s something in the vocals of canadian singer/songwriter Bouza that puts a spell on me. I mean, of course there’s that huge amount of skill and the impressive range in which she sings, but that’s not it. There’s more. There’s the huge amount of passion packed in between the lyrics, there’s passion you can feel while she sings, there’s that playful approach where it feels like her voice is ‘dancing’ with the backing guitar/bass and the laid back drums. Practically everything falls in place with her performance.

Listening to her track feels like she is talking to me directly, and this direct approach (along those awesome little handmade nuances like the background choir, or even the guitar cable jack being plugged in during the intro) makes this song perfect for me. Call me crazy, but this song was made for me. Bouza and the band created this musical diamond to really talk to and to connect with the listener. As for me, I’m all ears. On repeat.

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Florian Maier

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