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Christen Cooper – Dot Dot Dot

This lightweight tune is actually about a situation I guess everybody knows… these three dots popping up when texting back and forth with someone you really really like.

First off, I just love the blend of slight country along alternative pop rock. This is the bridge I needed, because until now I wasn’t really into country-ish tunes. But today, the singer/songwriter Cooper made me an instant fan.

With a smile on her face and an emotional approach, the multitalent with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen (there. I’ve said it.) makes this track feel really carefree, passionate and sweet. Most important, the track actually feels like developing a crush and/or falling in love. Imagine there were no lyrics, and Cooper would only sing la la la la. See what I mean? The melody and the way how the track is sung would still transmit the in-love-feel. Science would call it the ‘Christen-Crush’ effect.

Fun aside, as I like to keep pointing out, as an artist you got to be able to transmit emotions, and the most honest way to do so is to be that person to carry your heart on your tongue, so to speak. After checking out another track of Cooper called “Share My Lipstick“, I got the feeling that the Utah-based artist is exactly the person to not play a role on stage, but rather sharing pieces of her soul when performing.

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