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Felin – Money Honey

Okay, right now I need you to put away all those precious things in the room. Fragile vases, the TV, wine bottles and so on. Why? Simple. You will find yourself inadvertently dancing wildly to this tune.

With a high energy approach, the latest release “Money Honey” of Stockholm-based singer/songwriter Felin injects a mighty load of rock directly into your brain. The music base is somewhat… lets call it ‘retro raw’, the driving rhythm sets you up on the fast lane, the dirt-packed guitars get that evil grin on your face, and then boom – there they are, those sassy female vocals.

What makes this track a real jewel in my opinion are the vocals. Done in a really outstanding fashion, those are loaded with an unbelievable amount of “who’s gonna stop me? YOU?” attitude. I love when singers actually LIVE their music. There are several things on this planet you can’t learn, you either live it, or you don’t. And call me a freak, but I can actually hear the personality behind the microphone. That careless fun attitude is something you cannot fake.

So, this song is for everyone who is in desperate need to let go of the daily sorrow, grief and stress for fast-paced two minutes and 31 seconds. It works, trust me. But like I said before, you might want to evacuate anything dear in your immediate surrounding before putting this baby on repeat. Alexa: louder, damned!

Edit: Shortly after I wrote the review it was pointed out to me that there’s a brand new video coming along the song. Two things: first, the video proves exactly what I said earlier about Felin and her crew. Second, I’d say this is rather a road movie than a music video, there’s an unbelievable amount of work put in there, from scenes to cutscenes to details and lighting. Everything’s just right in there, even the laughs, and what I believe were outtakes at first but then chosen as the right snippets to be merged in the video. But see for yourself. That’s not an advice, that’s an order. Checking this out is mandatory. As someone who can’t even shoot a steady livefeed at the retirement ceremony of a nun at the local convent (don’t ask), I may not know much about creating video – but I can point out awesome stuff when I see it. There you go.

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