Hero The Band – Trouble In My Mind

Time to turn up the volume, folks. Get that closed headphones on, and double check that no one is near to hear you – believe me, you WILL sing along, no matter if you actually CAN sing.

The track transmits a lot of streaming energy through the driving drums along the guitars. But what pitches “Trouble In My Mind” out of the ball park in my opinion are the slightly distorted yet melodic vocals. They add some punk-ish ingredient to the table which wouldn’t have been necessary, but that’s exactly what we like to call ‘signature style’.

With distortion effects it’s always tricky. Add too less, and the sound seems like it was recorded with a 20 dollar microphone from Walmart. Add too much, and Kurt rolls over you-know-where because this doesn’t sound grunge, it just sounds mashed up. Listen closely to this track, guys. THIS is the exact amount of added effect chains to not overload or kill the sound. (Oops, sorry for that extended trip to the studio. The producer in me needed to vent that out.)

Long story short, the track taken off the EP “Back To Myself” brings an incredible amount of alternative rock, fun and energy to the table. So what if the day was a mess at work. Put this one on repeat, and get ready to sing along and forget about the office in no time.

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Florian Maier

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