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Steelyard – Here To Disappear

In this track, you feel with the protagonist and his struggle, while at the same time you’re eager to see/hear where this is going. In other words: the story is told like a great motion picture, but with an unusual mixture of electro and handmade elements. To top all of this: there IS a video coming with the music.

Blowing you away with emotion, “Here To Disappear” starts with a melancholic atmosphere, until the main part kicks in. Quite unexpected, I might add, but that’s the signature style of Steelyard. Changing from a quiet piano to driving rhythm, along distorted synth and guitar backing, the track turns out to not really be put into a genre or category easily. The concept is rather to tell part of the story of the EP “No Dimensions – Part I: The Porcelain Room” in several acts than just to put out a single song out there in my opinion.

Dutch producers Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van de Veen, better known as Steelyard, are real masters of not just transmitting the notes, they also are able to paint pictures in the heads of the avid music listeners. With sort of an orchestratic approach, they load a scenery with passion, tension and energy. Using music as a canvas for creating those sceneries is an art form in my opinion. This takes well-thought concepts and the love for detail – if necessary, combined with countless hours in the studio to get a certain element placed in the mix perfectly. And always be aware of this, folks: creating the music and videos like this takes a huge amount of time and countless hours of work to accomplish. But the result clearly shows that hard work pays off – every single note is right where it belongs in this tune, every picture hits you like a hammer.

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