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The Bergamot – Mayflies

Some might say The Bergamot are just hopeless dreamers with awesome voices and instruments. I say that they are awesome humans that actually make the world a better place with what they do.

I admit it – in almost every other song, I just love the chemistry happening between Jillian and Nathaniel, the masterminds behind The Bergamot. For all I know they could really sing the daily menu of a diner, having all the customers in there sit and stare in silence.
With sparkling energy in the air, this time they dedicated the song to the lifecycle of Mayflies to create a stunning lovesong AND an environmental wakeup call. (Be honest, have you EVER heard of a combination of these two topics?) This shows that they do not only care for each other but for their surrounding as well, be it nature, other folks, or the whole universe.

With a lightweight, almost retro-disco-ish approach, the music invites you to flow in the sound. The sound even allows you to lift off and ‘fly’ during the break (pretty much like a mayfly would). As I stated before, the guys of The Bergamot have a unique way of transmitting their feelings out there with their music, and they are doing it with passion, love for the art that is music, and a message of what’s dear to them. This is their blueprint for creating their signature styled music.
And if you danced with your loved one to this tune, or if you just took a second to think about the life of a mayfly, or googled out of curiosity if a mayfly indeed lives just for a couple of hours up to a day, be sure of the fact that there are two skilled musicians sitting somewhere, looking up to the sky with a big smile on their faces, knowing they just educated you a tiny bit about love and life.

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Florian Maier

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