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Diva Faune – Breaking Down the 4th Wall

This track has a present for you. With a mysterious atmosphere, you’re invited into what feels like deep space – unknown, reverbed and with no boundaries.

The haunting vocals build a setting in which the listener feels alone yet comforted and guided at the same time. Following the deep bass synths and the slow and steady beat, you’re somewhat floating towards the light while grooving along with the bright vocals. I love the different scenes this track contains. What starts dark and cold-ish evolves into a warm and bright uplifting setting over time, without the track ever leaving the basic concept. Like a great movie, this track has a complete script it shows you.

With those additional elements like the robotic vocal one-shots, simple claps, little arpeggiated crystalline synths or high pitched, almost retro disco singing technique, “Breaking Down the 4th Wall” feels like a personal playground for me as the listener. There’s much to explore when listening, around every other corner you’ll find something new you didn’t realize was there before. That versatility is a key element in great music. And trust me on this: the track of french musicians Yogan Le Fouler-Barthel, Jérémy Benichou and Valentin Franceries, better known as Diva Faune, has got a ton of said versatility.

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