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Balto – Black Snake, Mojave Blues

If anyone wondered if kickin’ handmade rock was alive and well these days, let me assure you: hell yeah, it is. Time for getting your socks rocked off, guys.

With the energy and groove of a lifetime in their backpacks, the guys of Balto know how to deliver. Good old handmade rock at its finest, with a driving rhythm, and some awesome guitars along fun vocals – to me it felt like the Beach Boys went rock all of a sudden. And hey Chuck, move aside and take this weirdo Johnny B with you on your way out. No really, this track is cooler than the classics in my opinion, because its nowadays’ sound. It’s an instant classic, because it’s alive.

I’m one of these guys always complaining about why the music can’t be as great as back in the days when rock still was rock. Give me a beer or two, and I’ll whine all night long about the downfall of todays’ rock scene. Well, today the guys of Balto shut me up. They prove without a doubt that if you’re turning enough stones, you’ll find there still ARE bands out there delivering like it was the old days. Checking their tour plan, I found out they’re playing live near my place soon. Now all I gotta do is find a babysitter for my daughters, and if I do, you know where you’ll find me. Front and center.

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