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MAB – Say Hello to Rock & Roll

This song makes me want to have a slow motion entrance wherever I go.

The newest release of MAB oozes with groove. Constructed with a very lightweight and playful electro base, there’s this future disco vibe happening, being a perfect base for the flowy vocals. Since the elements are slightly reverbed, it feels like that huge room you just entered, with a single spotlight on the vocals. (Hence the slowmotion thought at the beginning.)

In my opinion songs like “Say Hello to Rock & Roll” are not planned, they are just happening. For me, the musician, it kind of feels like that special ‘right time, right place’ track. The rhythm of the track invites the vocals to get into that energetic groove, while the vocals get driven by the music backing in the process. With a base like this, there are all sort of crazy things happening, and they are all feeling right. You can do a guitar solo as well as some unusual notes. Usually, I don’t really like high pitched male singing in electro pop songs, but in here? A thing of beauty.

There is a huge drawback to this song though. It makes me realize what a bad dancer and singer I am. But since no one with a cellphone or camera is here, please excuse me. I got some serious slowmo-grooving business to attend.

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Florian Maier

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