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Luc – Ghost (LA Garagetronic Mix)

Striking mysterious synths, distorted guitars, haunting female vocals and a foggy reverbed atmosphere – those are the main ingredients you’ll find in the release of LA based singer/songwriter Kari Kimmel and producer Joe Corcoran, better known as Luc.

But not only the vocals are the stars in this song, the rhythm parts are great as well. I love the several parts evolving around the steady electro beat. You’ll find percussion, stabs, crashes – heck, there’s even a 4/4 metro count hommage build in, and although I learned to hate that sound when recording, in “Ghost” it somehow makes sense as a stylistic element.

The well-rounded production make it seem so easy to come up with a sound like that. Everything is where it is supposed to be, just like that – but don’t be fooled, this is hard work. It clearly shows that Corcoran knows his mixing as well as Kimmel knows her singing. So guys, this track is what happens when two creative minds throw their ideas at each other and see what happens. I really like the lightweight merge of two styles, forming a new genre-floating track I’d like to call… garalectrofuture.

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